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Sunday: 11am-7pm

RMT Registered Massage & Non RMT
Medi, Therapeutic & Relax Spa Services


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Special Note: 1) Massage therapy services and or Receipts (RMT) for Insurance NOT Available for WaySpa customers.

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2) Due to Wayspa Redemption policies You MUST Agree to follow our Wayspa adjusted Menu Prices. (Please Download & REVIEW)

Therapeutic Menu30 mins45 mins60 mins75 mins90 minsMENU
Relax Massage Therapy |NON-RMT)Not Covered by Insurance.
-Note: for COUPLES You MUST make Two separate appts.
Deep Tissue Sport Massage | Non-RMT (NOT Covered by Group Insurance Plan.)
-Note: for COUPLES You MUST make Two separate appts.
Relax Massage Therapy (RMT)6585100125145Book
Deep Sport Tissue (RMT)7090105130150Book
Fascial Stretch Therapy (RMT)6585100Book
Hot Stone Massage (RMT)7090105130150Book
Lymphatic Drainage6585100125145Book
Prenatal / Post Partum6585100125145Book
Couples Relax Massage Therapy (RMT)
-You MUST make Two separate appts.
Couples Deep Tissue Massage (RMT)
-You MUST make Two separate appts.
Abdominal Stomach Detox Massage w/Essential Oil15 mins./ $35Book
Back Scrub Exfoliation7 mins./ $15Book
PARA MEDICAL (Non-RMT)30 mins45 mins

60 minsBook
Acupuncture (R.Ac) *Para Medical (Covered by most insurance plans657580Book
Cupping (Back Relief) (Non-RMT)5565Book
Chinese Tui-Na Muscle Therapy (Non-RMT)657590Book

HST Extra. Tips & Gratuities are NOT included and greatly appreciated.

20% is considered customary to show appreciation for the therapist’s hard work. ** Prices, spa packages and scheduled appointments are subject to change without notice. Jade Wellness Spa Clinic reserves the right to change the information published at any time and without any notice.


Most of our Para-Medical Services are Covered by Extended Private Insurance


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